The fine line between good and great.


In competition, there's a fine line between where you were yesterday, where you are today and where you'll be tomorrow. It's the line we push ourselves to chase — and cross. Vita Flex can help get you there. Our equine nutritionists, veterinarians and scientists are dedicated to developing the best supplements you can give your performance horse. That's our fine line. What's yours?

Vita Flex® AccuLytes™ Complete Electrolyte Formula and Vita Flex® AccuLytes™ Paste Electrolyte

Vita Flex AccuLytes Electrolyte

The proper electrolyte replenishment is critical for your horse since intense exercise can cause dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance can adversely affect your horse's performance. Vita Flex AccuLytes Complete Electrolyte Formula replaces crucial electrolytes lost through sweat in a Gingersnap Spice flavor that is highly palatable.  The Vita Flex AccuLytes Paste Electrolyte provides fast, convenient replacement of vital electrolytes for horses in need of rapid replenishment from the effects of heavy exercise, training, competition and trailering. 

We at Vita Flex believe that results come from investment in the best ingredients, the best products, so you can bring home the win.


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