Pure C Antioxidant

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Vita Flex® Pro Pure C antioxidant contains only absolutely pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid). No fillers of any kind have been added. Pure C is not only the purest available form of vitamin C, it's also your best value. Vita Flex® Pro Pure C is a useful, highly palatable addition to equine feeding programs

Product Benefits

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Pure Vitamin C: Antioxidant and connective tissue nutrition

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Palatable, easy to feed supplement

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Important in the production of collagen, GAGs and other critical connective tissue elements

Ingredients & Analysis

Ascorbic Acid ......... 442,250 mg (Per Lb.) ............. 6,910 mg (Per 1/4 Oz)

Directions For Use

Enclosed scoop holds ¼ ounce.

Feed one scoop daily for maintenance. During periods of stress, feed up to two scoops daily. Severely stressed horses may benefit from additional amounts.

Keep cool and dry. Reseal after each use.