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Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Adrienne Lyle Headshot


For Olympian Adrienne Lyle horses have always been a way of life. Born and raised on a small cattle farm in Washington state, Adrienne grew up riding Western riding ranch ponies, working and cutting cattle and trail riding before moving onto Western gaming and then transitioning into three-day-eventing.
Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Al Dunning Headshot


When it comes to reining and cutting, author, trainer, competitor, judge, and Hall of Famer Al Dunning has ‘dun’ it all. When Al talks about his journey from riding horses in the suburbs of Chicago to being named Western Magazine’s 2017 Horseman of the year his passion for horses, dedication to the sport, and family are crystal clear.
Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Todd Minikus Headshot


It’s been quite a journey from the rodeo to the International jumping arena for show jumping maverick Todd Minikus. Two-time U.S. Pan American Team bronze medalist, Todd Minikus cut his teeth riding bulls before making the leap to jumpers in 1980. From the very start, tough-as-nails Todd has proved to be an undeniable force in the ring, forging an impressive career with over 130 Grand Prix wins, eight FEI World Cup...
Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Jackie Ganter Headshot


For Vita Flex Victory Team Rider and native Texan, Jackie Ganter, barrel racing runs in the family. Jackie started off riding English but after taking her pony as far as she could, she swapped her jodhpurs for a pair of chaps to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a barrel racer.
Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Lisa Wilcox Headshot


More than just a pretty face, Lisa Wilcox has got what it takes to be a serious contender in the dressage ring. She grew up on a cattle ranch with her six brothers and sisters, where they all worked with the cattle, broke young horses and trained them to cut and drive cattle.
Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Patty Stovel Headshot


Vita Flex Victory Rider Patty Stovel is a successful rider, trainer and instructor who focuses on the success on every horse and rider as an individual. She started riding as a child with her mom in Connecticut and before moving on to train with the legendary George Morris as a working student.
Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Timmy Dutta Headshot


For polo prodigy and Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Timmy Dutta, the passion for polo and love for horses is a family tradition -- from his mother who competes on an international level in the sport of dressage -- to his father who shares his passion for flying down the polo field.