DMG 3000™ Performance Supplement


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Vita Flex® Pro DMG 3000™ formula is extra concentrated, with less filler, making it easier and more economical to give. Vita Flex® Pro DMG 3000™ concentrate delivers a minimum of 3,000 mg DMG HCI per ounce. DMG is a performance supplement, favored by trainers and athletes. N,N-Dimethylglycine helps transport oxygen to break down glycogen, fueling the ATP cycle and creating energy in the body. DMG is a water·soluble ingredient and is readily absorbed. Vita Flex® Pro DMG 3000™ concentrate is a premium quality, affordable source of dimethylglycine hydrochloride for horses.

Product Benefits


Vita Flex® Pro DMG formula contains 3,000 mg of DMG (N,N-Dimethylglycine HCI) per ounce, so you give less.


Extra concentrated blend, our best value in blended DMG.
*Please check with your association for testing rules
and regulations


Helps transport oxygen that breaks down glycogen to fuel the ATP cycle, creating energy in the body


Extra Concentrated: Delivers a minimum of 3,000 mg DMG HCl per ounce

Performance_Save money

Give less, get more, and save money, too!

Ingredients & Analysis

N,N-Dimethylglycine hydrochloride, Calcium Silicate, Dextrose, Silicon Dioxide
N,N-Dimethylglycine hydrochloride .......... 750 mg

Directions For Use

Enclosed level scoop holds 1/4 oz (by weight).

Give 1 scoop (750 mg DMG HCI) twice daily. Give 2 to 3 level scoops twice daily beginning 2 to 3 days before and during performance, or as directed by veterinarian. Increase supplementation of large breeds proportionately according to body weight in excess of 1,000 pounds. Severely stressed horses may benefit from additional amounts.

Keep cool and dry. Reseal after each use.