Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Timmy Dutta and Horse

Timmy Dutta

Flying High

For polo prodigy and Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Timmy Dutta, the passion for polo and love for horses is a family tradition -- from his mother who competes on an international level in the sport of dressage -- to his father who shares his passion for flying down the polo field.

For the Duttas, horses are a family business as well as a common thread that helps to tie their family together. The Dutta family makes Wellington their home, with both father and son competing at the local Grand Champions Polo Club. In 2014, young Timmy Dutta took a few polo lessons and realized a natural affinity for the game. By April of 2016, the Dutta Corp team had won the club’s Santa Rita Abierto 16-Goal Tournament. It was Timmy’s first big win since he started playing in 2014, and he was instantly hooked. In the fall of 2017, Timmy will be traveling to play in Argentina amongst some of the greatest polo players in the world.

Timmy Dutta’s Favorite Vita Flex Products:

“My passion for polo extends much further than the sport itself. I love my ponies and I want to do whatever I can to keep them sound and feeling good. For polo ponies being able to start, stop and turn suddenly is critical. I feel confident knowing that Equinyl Combo Joint Formula helps them to maintain healthy joints so they can compete at top peak performance and stay sound.”

“Polo is an extremely demanding sport with the ponies often reaching top speeds of up to 40 mph. Even though we switch out the ponies frequently they lose a lot of critical minerals and electrolytes when they sweat -- Vita Flex AccuLytes Electrolyte formula helps to replace electrolytes and minerals depleted during competition.”

“After a match or a game of stick and ball I always have my grooms rub down my ponies’ legs with Thermaflex Liniment. I feel better knowing that knowing that we do everything we can to help them relax after a match. ”

“So much is riding on a horse’s hoof -- up to 1200 pounds of horse and the success of the entire team is riding on a single hoof. That’s why I take care of all my ponies’ feet by feeding them Master’s Hoof Blend hoof health formula to help maintain a healthy hoof.”

“Polo for me is so much more than sport. It is a way of life, it is family, and the shared love of horses. I am proud to be a member of the Vita Flex Victory Team Riders – and I am grateful to have a company that supports horses and riders by providing top-notch products to help them maintain their winning edge.”

“With the intense training and rigors of competition and travel I want to make sure that my ponies’ immune systems have everything they need to stay fit. I trust Vita Flex Vitamin C to give my ponies that extra boost to maintain a healthy immune system.”


  • Named Most Valuable Player five times during the 2017 Grand Champions Polo Club (GCPC) Spring Season
  • Dutta Corp team member winner of 2017 USPA Sun Cup, GCPC Wellington, Florida
  • Dutta Corp team member winner of 2017 Santa Rita Abierto Finals, GCPC, Wellington, Florida
  • Team member of the winning team of The 2017 Spring Challenge Cup, GCPC, Wellington
  • 2017 Winning team member of The Polo Gear Challenge Cup, GCPC, Wellington
  • Samba named Best Playing Pony 2017 Polo Gear Challenge Cup, owned and ridden by Timmy Dutta
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP) 2016 Spring Challenge subsidiary Final, GCPC
  • 2016 Dutta Corp Team member, winner of The 2016 Santa Rita Abierto 16-goal tournament, GCPC