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Timmy Dutta gave up jumping and started his polo career at the tender age of 12. He quickly excelled on the polo field and is now playing prestigious 20-goal tournaments for the Dutta Corp.

Timmy and the Dutta Corp string of polo ponies reside at the Port Mayaca Polo Club in Florida. During the summer, Timmy travels the world, competing in Argentina, Mexico, and Europe. Timmy Dutta has spent the first quarter of his life earning multiple international and national polo cups and accolades on the polo field.

“Polo, for me, is so much more than sport. It is a way of life. My family shares a love of horses. I was introduced to Vita Flex® Pro products by my Mom (International Grand Prix Dressage competitor, Susie Dutta). I am proud to be a member of the Vita Flex® Pro Victory Team Riders, and I am grateful to have Vita Flex® Pro on my team to support my horses by providing top-notch products to help them maintain their winning edge.”

Timmy realizes the importance of the basics and how developing a good foundation and program for his horses will consistently bring home many wins. “Good horsemanship should always go beyond the polo field… that’s why I choose Vita Flex Pro.”

Timmy Dutta’s Favorite Vita Flex® Pro Products:

Vita Flex Pro® Equinyl™ Joint Formula: For maintaining healthy joints for tight turns in polo competitions.

Vita Flex Pro® ThermaFlex® Liniment Gel: For muscle replenishment and relaxation after competition.

Vita Flex Pro® Master’s Hoof Blend™: To help maintain healthy hooves.


  • 2023 Metro Mediano Argentina, Named Most Valuable Player (MVP)
  • 2022 Black Bears Cup England
  • 2021 Tennessee Cup and KY Polo Cup
  • 2020 La Haradura Open in Mexico
  • 2019 Yilvasaker Cup, Westchester Cup – Team USA - named team captain USPA Igelhart & Hall of Fame Cup
  • 2018 United States Polo Association (USPA)- Igelhart Cup , Bobby Barry Cup, and the Copa Amigos, Argentina
  • 2017 5 Times named MVP during the Grand Champions Polo Club Spring Season
  • 2016 Most Valuable Player (MVP) 2016 Spring Challenge subsidiary Final, GCPC Cup, Winning team member of The Polo Gear Challenge Cup, and Most Valuable Player (MVP)

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