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  • 5 Tips for Moving Beyond the First 90 Days

    Learn five tips for developing a relationship with a newly trained horse so you can successfully move beyond the first 90 days of training.

  • Can Horses Do Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy? | Vita Flex

    Image courtesy of KESMARC. Water makes up nearly 70 percent of the horse's body weight, so it's not surprising that water plays a major role in treating equine injuries and in conditioning and rehabilitation.

  • Equine Chiropractic Adjustments

    As with people, horses in intense training or those in pain, can benefit from an equine chiropractic adjustment, which may improve joint flexibility and mobility.

  • How to Achieve Maximum Performance and Endurance With Your Competition Horse | Vita Flex

    Equine expert Dr. Godbee and international dressage rider Lisa Wilcox explain how using the right horse supplement is a valuable component to both protect equine athletes as well as improve their performance. Read more about how to help your horses perform with maximum energy and endurance.

  • How to Support Your Horse’s Weight and Muscle

    Learn how to support and maintain the muscle development, proper body condition, and ideal weight for your horse.

  • Is My Horse Too Fat or Too Thin? - Body Condition Scoring Scale | Vita Flex

    While lecturing all over the world, I have discovered some common themes among horse owners. It seems that a very large percentage of horse owners learned how to feed their horses from someone they know who has owned horses longer than they have. In every country, I am asked the same question: “I feed X scoops of Brand Z feed and 4 flakes of hay per day to my horse, what do you think of my feeding program?” I am also often asked to comment on a particular feeding program based on whether a horse is fat or thin. Making a sound feeding recommendation based on this subjective information is close to impossible.

  • What is Oxidative Stress?

    Oxidation of nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) provides the energy needed for normal muscle function. Exercise causes a dramatic increase in this oxidation, resulting in the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). These free radicals, or ROS, can damage DNA and contribute to degenerative changes throughout the body. Natural antioxidant defenses (endogenous antioxidants) help prevent free radical induced damage.