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  • A History of the Horseshoe

    Read a brief history of horseshoes, including what they’re for, how they can help with performance and what kind of materials they can be made with.

  • Choosing Horse Boots

    Learn how you to choose the right horse boots based on your horse's level of performance and fitness.

  • English Saddles: A Guide to Parts & Fit

    View an English saddle parts diagram, read about the 13 most common parts, and learn how to measure your saddle so it fits you and your horse properly.

  • Horse Bit Guide

    Learn about the best horse bit options for your horse. Make sure your horse is comfortable and able to do the job you're asking him to perform.

  • Saddle Fit For the Horse

    Help your horse avoid irritation, back pain, and tissue scarring with these saddle fitting tips.

  • Tips for Mastering Dressage Braids

    Learn the current trends in dressage braiding and what you need to skillfully master the technique with your horse.