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  • 5 Tips for Keeping Well Traveled Horses Healthy | Vita Flex

    Professional barrel racer Jackie Ganter's horses travel nearly 60,000 miles a year...that's more than most people. Here are her 5 tips for keeping well traveled horses healthy.

  • 5 Tips for Transporting Horses

    The world's top-ranked horses are well-traveled road warriors. Regardless of whether they're shipped over the road or in the air, planning goes a long way in keeping them comfortable in transit.

  • Can My Horse Travel Internationally? | Vita Flex

    If horses received frequent flier miles, some top competition horses would rack up as many as a business traveler. When it comes to international travel, today's equine athletes routinely ship by plane, and the process is both efficient and safe.

  • Horse Trailer Towing and Hauling Safety Tips | Vita Flex

    Whether you're traveling to a competition or just heading to the local trailhead to meet up with riding buddies, you want to get there and back safely. Having a trailer opens up a world of options, but it also comes with responsibilities. You're hauling precious cargo and you want to do everything possible to ensure an uneventful trip, no matter how long or short the journey.

  • How to Keep Your Horse Healthy While Shipping | Vita Flex

    How many times has it happened? You take a trip, either for pleasure or business, and end up with the flu or a nasty cold. Definitely not the travel memories you had in mind. Travel-related illness can also be a reality for equine athletes who often ship long distances to compete.