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  • 3 Fun Groundwork Exercises for Horses

    Learn why groundwork isn't just for young or unruly horses. Establish trust with your horse and have her regard you as a leader.

  • 3 Tips to Keep Your Horse Still While Mounting

    Teaching your horse to stand still for mounting begins with groundwork. Learn the fundamentals to keep you and your horse safe.

  • 5 Tips for Show Jumping Success

    Todd Minikus has nearly four decades of grand-prix showing jumping success. He shares his five tips for long-lasting show ring success.

  • 5 Tips for Starting Young Horses

    Young horses are an important part of dressage rider Adrienne Lyle's success in the international competitive arena. The Olympian excels at training young horses. Her approach creates competitive horses that are responsive and happy to work. She strives to instill a good work ethic in her horses so that they are willing partners for many years. Here are 5 tips she suggests when starting a young horse.

  • 5 Tips for Teaching with Patty Stovel

    Teaching is at the heart of any discipline. Without a good coach, neither horse nor rider can achieve their highest potential.

  • 5 Tips for Working with Stallions

    Training and showing stallions can be a challenge, but one that’s as rewarding. Olympian Lisa Wilcox shares advice for working with them.

  • 5 Tips on Preparing Futurity Horses

    For nearly 40 years Scottsdale, Arizona horseman Al Dunning has been preparing futurity horses for the industry’s most prestigious reining, reined cow horse and cutting horse events. He shares five tips for bringing along futurity prospects that are physically fit and mentally sound.

  • Exercises for Correct Horse Body Position

    Learn which exercises horses need to carry their bodies correctly and give their best performance.