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  • Vision Focusing & Calming Supplement for Horses

    Vita Flex Vision Focusing & Calming Horse Supplement helps keep horses composed and focused in stressful situations. Won't cause drowsiness or affect performance.

  • Recovery Post-Exercise Muscle Support

    Vita Flex Recovery by the makers of Lactanase, supports post-exercise recovery and helps maintain muscle strength and metabolism.

  • E-5000 Premium Quality Vitamin E

    Vita Flex E-5000 is an excellent way to help provide antioxidant protection for all ages and classes of horses. The highly concentrated source of vitamin E is optimum for equine health.

  • Pure Lysine Supplement

    Lysine is recommended for equine diets low in alfalfa, clover and soy to improve the availability of protein in the diet.

  • Vita Flex DMG 3000

    Extra-concentrated blend, our best value in blended DMG. Give less, get more, and save money.

  • E & Selenium Balanced Essential Antioxidants

    The Vita Flex E & Selenium formula is a premium quality supplement, which can contribute to the correction of nutrient deficiencies.

  • Accel Lifetime Health and Wellness Formula

    The Accel Lifetime formula promotes healthy muscle development and function and is ideal for senior horses, horses on the road to recovery, or horses recovering from surgery. Plus antioxidant support.

  • Pure C Premium Quality Vitamin C

    Vita Flex Pure C supplement contains only absolutely pure vitamin C, zero fillers. Ascorbic acid is important in the production of collagen, GAGs and other critical connective tissue elements.

  • Understanding Horse Communication | Vita Flex

    Learn the subtle cues of horse communication to help you to develop a better understanding what your horse is thinking.

  • When Should I Retire My Horse?

    Are age or years under saddle good predictors of when your horse should retire? Learn more about when to when to retire your horse.

  • How Should I Be Feeding My Older Performance Horse? | Vita Flex

    In today's world, there are organizations or associations where older human athletes can still compete with their peers. In the equestrian world some associations also have divisions based on the rider's age, but the age of the horse is usually not a factor. It is interesting to note that with the exception of the young athlete, age of the horse is not a consideration when it comes to competition.

  • Best Horse Breeds for Barrel Racing

    Calling all barrel racers! We help you pick the best horse breed for the lucrative and high energy sport of barrel racing.

  • A Guide to the Equine Pre-Purchase Exam

    Are you about to buy a horse? Learn what should make it on your horse pre-purchase exam checklist before you close the deal.

  • Best Horse Breeds for Dressage

    Do you know what to look for in a dressage horse? Consider the conformation, the attitude, and the quality of movement.

  • Insuring a Horse

    No one likes to think about their horse getting sick, injured, or dying. Buying horse insurance might bring you peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

  • Understanding Horse Communication

    Learn the subtle cues of horse communication to help you to develop a better understanding what your horse is thinking.