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  • Lactanase Supplement - Performance

    This exclusive formula help maintain energy and support optimal muscle function and metabolism for horses.

  • Accel Health and Wellness Formula

    Looking for a one-step supplement to provide a strong nutritional foundation for your horse? The Accel formula delivers optimal levels of essential water soluble and fat soluble vitamins, chelated and conventional minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids.

  • Foal Response

    The Foal Response supplement is ideal for immediate foal care when birth is premature or delayed; access to mare's colostrum is limited; or foal needs extra support. Also excellent for older foals and weanlings.

  • Accel Lifetime Health and Wellness Formula

    The Accel Lifetime formula promotes healthy muscle development and function and is ideal for senior horses, horses on the road to recovery, or horses recovering from surgery. Plus antioxidant support.

  • Vita-Hoof Hoof Conditioner and Dressing

    Vita Flex Vita-Hoof Hoof Conditioner and Dressing topical aids in the development of more resilient hooves. Contains premium quality petrolatum and lanolin, plus povidone-iodine.

  • Vision Focusing & Calming Supplement for Horses

    Vita Flex Vision Focusing & Calming Horse Supplement helps keep horses composed and focused in stressful situations. Won't cause drowsiness or affect performance.

  • Vision Focusing & Calming Supplement for Horses Paste

    Convenient paste formula for single use is excellent for heavy training, performance activities, competition, racing & trailering.

  • Thermaflex Liniment

    Liquid liniment provides immediate flash cooling followed by deep warming and increased circulation, stimulates circulation for long-lasting heat sensation, and helps reduce pain and swelling.