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  • Accel Health and Wellness Formula

    Looking for a one-step supplement to provide a strong nutritional foundation for your horse? The Accel formula delivers optimal levels of essential water soluble and fat soluble vitamins, chelated and conventional minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids.

  • Accel Lifetime Health and Wellness Formula

    Accel Lifetime Health and Wellness is a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement PLUS antioxidant support to help keep horses in peak condition.

  • Daily Gastric Care Digestive Support

    Vita Flex® Pro Daily Gastric Care is a palatable supplement designed to help horses manage digestive stress.

  • DMG 3000™ Performance Supplement

    Vita Flex Pro DMG 3000 is a concentrated blend containing 3,000 mg per ounce of DMG. It helps transport oxygen, creating energy in the horse's body.

  • DMG Performance Supplement

    Vita Flex DMG contains 1500 mg per ounce of the nutrient N,N-Dimethylglycine. DMG helps support oxygen utilization and muscle recovery for horses.

  • E & Selenium Antioxidant

    Vita Flex E & Selenium is a balanced supplement of vitamin E and selenium for optimum equine health.

  • E-5000™ Antioxidant

    Vita Flex E-5000™ is a highly concentrated source of vitamin E for optimum equine health, providing antioxidant protection for all ages and classes of horses.

  • Equinyl™ Glucosamine + HA Joint Formula, Level 3

    Vita Flex Pro Equinyl Glucosamine provides 10,000 mg of glucosamine including patented time released glucosamine. Includes ComfortX Microlactin